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Jade & Tourmaline Heating Pads with NO EMF!

Safeguard yourself and your family against pain, stress and toxins.

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Do you struggle with pain, inflammation, anxiety or stress?

Do you occasionally or chronically suffer from pain? What about inflammation?

Do you feel sluggish, depressed, tired and frustrated that you can’t seem to find relief?

Sore back?

Is life overwhelming at times?

Stiff neck?

Are you tense and tight?

Is it hard for you to relax?

Are you anxious or high strung?

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Us Too.

And like you, we want our lives, and the lives of our loved ones, to be happy, pain-free and fulfilling.

But healthcare expenses are ever-growing, and many at-home healthcare products are made cheaply and do more harm than good.

We’ve spent over 15 years in the alternative healthcare industry helping both practitioners and consumers improve their wellbeing and restore their vitality.

The solution you’ve been looking for?


Jade Vitality: The Healthy Heat

As you lie on your Jade Vitality heating pad, safe, deep-penetrating far-infrared heat from the jade stones works in your body to relieve pain, increase circulation, restore function and promote deep relaxation. As the tourmaline stones are heated, negatively charged ions purify the air around you and promote happiness, wellbeing and stress relief.

Jade Vitality heating pads are the perfect at-home solution to safeguard against the pain, stresses and toxins we face on a daily basis. Our happy users would agree!

“The most amazing thing about the pad is HOW it provides warmth. It’s not like an electric heating pad at all. The best way to describe it is “alive!” This warmth is vibrant, energetic, yet calming, even meditative. I absolutely love to lie on my jade heaven.”

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Benefits of Jade Vitality

The most notable benefits from Jade Vitality products are…

    Relief from minor muscle/joint pain and stiffness
    Relief from minor sprains and strains
    Relief from minor muscular back pain
    Increased local circulation where applied
    Increased muscle relaxation
    Stress relief and increased energy from negative ions

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“I have shoulder pain that’s very difficult to get rid of. The pad took it right away, and it hasn’t come back since! My muscles relaxed, my heart slowed, and I felt the energy and warmth gently spread.”

How to Use Jade Vitality

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Plug in your Jade Vitality and wait 15 minutes before use. Cover the pad with a blanket.

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Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and send healing intentions throughout your body.

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Use your Jade Vitality pad daily for 15-20 minutes for best results!

Have questions? Chat with us!

Discover how Jade Vitality has brought peace, relaxation and happiness to Jill!

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What Makes Jade Vitality So Different?

Jade Vitality far-infrared pads aren’t like other heating pads on the consumer market. Most heating pads out there are cheaply made, and emit very high levels of harmful EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation. They’re meant to bring relief, but only make the problem worse.

Our products are made with the highest quality gemstones and materials, and do NOT produce potentially harmful EMFs. With Jade Vitality, you can relax in the knowledge that you're doing something good for your body—without the hidden risks of radiation.

Jade Vitality vs Generic Heating Pad Video >>

Generic Pads

•   Poor Materials
•   Large vinyl borders
•   Inflexible materials
•   Less stones (about 1/4 as many)
•   Uneven heat distribution
•   Large spaces between stones
•   Rough hewn, poor quality gemstones
•   Inconsistency in gemstone color and size
•   ONLY Jade
•   Rough, scratchy netting
•   Very high levels of EMF radiation
•   User’s manual in broken English
•   Analog-style temperature control in Celsius
•   NO support
•   Warranty?
•   NO guarantee

Jade Vitality

•   Quality materials
•   Small borders
•   Flexible materials
•   Over 400 gemstones
•   Even heat distribution
•   Very small spaces between stones
•   Polished, genuine gemstones
•   Consistency in gemstone color and size
•   Jade AND Tourmaline gemstones
•   Soft netting
•   NO harmful EMF radiation
•   User’s manual in English
•   Digital temperature control in Fahrenheit
•   Telephone, email or online Support
•   1 year warranty
•   60-day, money-back guarantee

More Jade Vitality Benefits

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    Far Infrared Heat
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    No Unsafe EMF Radiation
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    Genuine Jade
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    Tourmaline and Negative Ions
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Four Jade Vitality Designs

  • Jade Vitality Shoulder Wrap

    Knee Wrap

    Wraps around Knee

    11.8" x 32.3" (for knee)

    6 genuine jade discs

    Relieves pain, reduces tension and stress, enhances blood circulation, and helps muscular relaxation in the knee.

  • Jade Vitality Shoulder Wrap

    Waist Wrap

    Wraps around Waist & Low Back

    7" x 48" (for waist and low back)

    20 genuine jade discs

    Relieves pain, reduces tension and stress, enhances blood circulation, and helps muscular relaxation in the Abdominal or low back area.

  • Jade Vitality Shoulder Wrap

    Shoulder Wrap

    Covers Shoulders, Upper Back and Neck

    23.2" x 17.7" (for shoulders and neck)

    57 genuine jade discs
    35 tourmaline discs

    Relieves pain, reduces tension and stress, enhances blood circulation, and helps muscular relaxation in the shoulders, upper back and neck.

  • Jade Vitality Heating Pad

    Full Body Pad

    Fully Covers Massage Table

    68" x 23.5" (fits entire body)

    312 genuine jade discs
    93 tourmaline discs

    Relieves pain, reduces tension and stress, enhances blood circulation, and helps muscular relaxation in the entire body.


Jade Vitality Purchase Options




Purchase with Confidence!

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We’re so sure you’ll love your Jade Vitality heating pad that we guarantee your satisfaction with our 30-day, no-hassle return policy. If you don’t love your Jade Vitality for any reason, simply return it any time within 30 days of purchase. We back up the Jade Vitality Mat with a full year of coverage against manufacturing defect or malfunction. **

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It fills your whole being with warmth and light. After using the pad, I feel more grounded, centered, capable and whole.

Be Good to Yourself.

You and your loved ones deserve a life of health, happiness and vitality. You can keep running on all cylinders without allowing your body to recharge, but we all know where that ends.

MORE pain. MORE anxiety. MORE stress.

Jade Vitality gives you greater capacity to relax. It encourages self-care, helping you to be kind to yourself as you focus on healing, recharging and being still. It will make a difference in your life—and in the lives of those you love.

What is your health and
happiness worth to you?

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